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Burke Lake Golf Course New Sewer Main Line Installation, Fairfax Station, Fairfax County, VA

WDP is currently performing a geotechnical engineering investigation and written report for the proposed installation of approximately 7600 LF of new sewer main line.  Excavation depths for the new sewer main line and 26 manhole installations will range from 10 to nearly 20 feet. Using test borings, WDP will determine the physical and geotechnical engineering characteristics of the subsurface soils and any bedrock at the site, and evaluate those subsurface conditions with respect to excavation difficulty, excavation stability, reuse suitability of excavated soils, and any groundwater issues.  WDP will provide design and construction recommendations for excavation difficulty and stability, dewatering, backfill/fill material selection, suitability, and compaction requirements to control settlements.  During sewer installation, WDP will provide construction inspection and material testing services including fill/backfill observations, compaction testing of fill/ backfill, laboratory testing of soils materials, and any necessary geotechnical engineering consulting should any conditions warrant.

Challenges Faced