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Prince William County Public Schools 12th High School, Manassas, VA

WDP is currently performing the testing and special inspections for the construction phase.  The $98 Millon school project is a one and two-story building with structural steel and load-bearing masonry walls, supported by conventional shallow foundations with on-grade slabs. Separate structures consisting of a concession building, driver's training building, outbuilding, and ticket booth are similarly constructed.  The school features a competition-sized main pool and companion instructional pool for swim practice and underwater robotics.  Multiple competition and practice fields for football, baseball, and softball are also included in this project along with tennis courts and an outdoor basketball court.  Large amounts of parking for both school buses and cars along with three stormwater management ponds. 

WDP also performed the Geotechnical Investigation.  In WDP’s field exploration, 108 soil test borings were conducted.  The presence of elastic silt/plastic clay soil required special considerations during construction.

Challenges Faced