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Runway 34R Extension Program Manassas Regional Airport City of Manassas, VA

WDP provided a geotechnical investigation for a 500-foot extension to Runway 34R and Taxilane B, bridge crossing repairs and extensions to accommodate a new service road, new blast pad, relocated localizer and localizer service road, and rerouted overflow channel. Geotechnical field investigation included 36 test borings to evaluate soil, bedrock and groundwater conditions; 6 runway and taxilane pavement cores to evaluate existing pavement materials and thicknesses; laboratory testing of supporting subgrade soils; geotechnical analysis and evaluation with appropriate design parameter recommendations.  Non-destructive testing (NDT) such as surface penetrating radar (SPR) or impact echo (IE) being considered for existing pavement thickness determinations depending on runway/taxilane core variability.

Challenges Faced